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Hi XuanXit,
I can't enter the site because i haven't received the confirmation code mail for the monthly verification with my account lostboy_5 (lostboy_5@yahoo.it). I used the contact us form to request the mail many times in these two days but i never had an answer so i decided to do a new registration with another mail to contact you directly. Can you send it please?
Thank you.
contact me via email: onkyo4k.com@gmail.com I'll help you.

I have a problem with my verification as boebie70 (email lgejv@xs4all.nl) VIP member . I send 5 emails to contact you but no answer as sofar. I made this second registration to get in contact via this post as I don't see any other way. Please Please do something about the verification or let me know what the problem is. Please don't think that I made this shadow/double registration to fraud you but I thought it necessary to contact you.
try login with your old account: boebie70
hey friend , tell me do you maybe have games for play station 3 in digital version
Sorry, I don't have it.