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Support to buy cheap uploaded.net [UL] account

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We are offering you uploaded.net [UL] account at discounted price. (-40%)
and Rapidgator &
You will not only get discounted price but also donator rank.

Duration ========== Official price ======= Discounted price ====== Donator Rank
1 month ========== 11.99 USD ========== 06 USD ======== 1 month
3 months ========== 29.99 USD ========== 15 USD ======== 3 month
6 months ========== 46.99 USD ========== 24 USD ======== 6 months
12 months ========== 81.99 USD ========== 41 USD ======== 12 months
24 months ========== 116.99 USD ========== 59 USD ======== 24 months

Now we have: uploaded, keep2share, rapidgator.

Note (applies to all accounts):

1) We do not provide vouchers so it can't be used with your existing account.

2) The account is for your personal use only, it is nontransferable and it is NOT allowed to share the account with anyone else. (If you violate this, You will not get support)

3) You can change password but you can't change email (This is because if there is a problem from our account we will provide a new account for you or If we are unable to do so you will be refunded money according to duration used/left).

4) Waiting time: Premium account will be sent in 1-3 days (usually it is 24hrs under extreme circumstances it can take 72 hrs but be assured we will try as soon as possible)
If it takes more than 3 days, you have the option to continue to wait or ask for a refund.

Please contact: [email protected]
Don't forget to include your username at onkyo4k.com

Thank you,
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