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Hello Everyone,

I want address the problem I have with this program. It happened one month ago that all the sudden my computer stopped working. Just shut down without any reason. I took my computer to my local computer store to have it refresh. I get to find out due to the hard drive from where the program want to save in. 50% of the files wiped off and making hard to run the hard drive now. The second time happened again this month. The computer is okay but the hard drive is destroyed again. Total forfeit 6tb hard drive. The weird thing is my secondary hard drive is okay.....Lucky...... You only can point the program towards one hard drive you want to store.

To make the story short. I still have concern in using the program again.

To give you guys heads up ... if you plan to use this program. Try to back-up your hard drive as soon as you can. That is what I will do if I give this program a try again

* Please leave a comment down below you have experience the same problem. What did you do to prevent from happening again ? .... I love to hear from you ...
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I like conspiracy theorys ...
I spilled coffee on my shiny rgb keyboard and I feel bad ang guilty. Thanks Ace, you bring light to my life .... now I think I not feel like I want spelled coffee on 300$ keyboard and that never happend before.... I think that was that evil jdownloader.
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