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Notice about blocking replies to posts


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1. Currently we will only serve Vip members.
We will block replies for all members when the monthly contribution has not been completed. Sorry for the inconvenience but we need to pay the server monthly cost, and lots of costs to maintain the website.

2. For the members who are inactive after a year, the system will automatically delete the user.

Warning: You are not satisfied, you can skip onkyo4k and go to another forum, thanks. If you speak rude to us, you will be banned forever.
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Hi Thanks for your reply
no worries fully understand
what does it take to be a VIP?



I wanted to make a contribution to the site, but only way is through live mail. I am not allow to use my credit card. Or I can buy a gift card and donate to the site. It is easier for me. I haven't been able to download for a while.

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