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How to play Blu-ray & 4k Disc


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DVDFab Movie Server
..... since DVDFab best software so far .... can burn 4K UHD than transfer right away into movie server ...

Ben smith

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personally always download the "complete disc", so I get all the special features, soundtracks & subs etc.

the most convenient way to play the downloaded "complete disc" movies (BD, 3D, UHD 4k etc,), you'll need to invest in a proper multimedia player, there are many options out there now in 2018, I use something like the Zidoo X9S. These multimedia players treat the downloaded files like a disc, for most titles they can even load the disc menu, so you get pretty much the full disc playback experience, and HDR, Atmos etc all work the player can passthrough them to your AVR.

just copy/move the "complete disc" files onto a portable HDD or flash drive, plug it into the Zidoo X9S's usb3.0 port, and play, simple as that, no need the hassle/time to convert files or burn discs.
So does the Zidoo X9S connect to your A/V Receiver and pass through Atmos, HDR, etc? My issue is when I download 4K movies from this site and convert the to MKV they play fine on my Oppo 203 but no in Atmos although the file indicates Atmos. I do have an Atmos enabled receiver.


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@Ben smith
I believe you do not need to convert the 'complete' 4k movies to mkv.
Oppo 203 can play 4k BDMV folder direct. (For 4k iso, need to extract to folder first.)
I heard that Oppo cannot output properly high resolution audio embedded in mkv container.

Stoian Mishev

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I'm using Egreat A5 from 6 months and for me Egreat players are the best choice today. It plays all Untouched UHD/BR, with Menus etc (ISO and Folder). Atmos and DTS:X Pass-through working with no issues. I watch everything from a network share as all my movies are on Server/NAS.
I selected Egreat as it is equipped with HiSilicon Hi3798C V200 chip. Latest DUNEs are with Realtek.

Unfortunately there are not so much chips today that can play 4KUHD with Atmos - Amlogic (not any device), RealTek, HiSilicon. Each of them has their pros and cons. I hope that there will be some news in this area so we can watch next generations content with reasonable investment ...


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what the best 4k mkv software player for your PC?
I've been using K-Lite codec pack... but suddenly it stopped working.
I'm looking for an alternative. Help?


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On PC I'm using Zoom Player and on TV I've buyed a few months ago a Zidoo UHD-2000 player. It plays everything, 4k and blu-ray.
I'm using BD folder, so i can put any subtitles in it.

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