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How to download from Google driver? - Google driver unlimited

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Saving hard drive space by clearing Google Drive's content_cache:

Your Google Drive folder (hard drive space) can grow very rapidly if you never clear the cache. Hundreds of gigabytes worth if you don't keep an eye on it.
There is no way to clear the cache with the software, and googling how to clear the cache gives confusing and unneeded steps.

I usually clear my cache after every few downloads. The cache is only a copy of what you have already downloaded.
Here is a pic of the properties of my /Google Drive/ folder after clearing the cache:

To easily clear the cache:

- Delete all the folders inside the /content_cache/ folder which is located inside your /Google Drive/ folder.
For example, my /Google Drive/ folder is located on my D: drive:
D:\Google Drive\546022287690366772895\content_cache

- Highlight all the folders inside the /content cache/ folder and delete them:


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