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    How to play Blu-ray & 4k Disc

    @Ben smith I believe you do not need to convert the 'complete' 4k movies to mkv. Oppo 203 can play 4k BDMV folder direct. (For 4k iso, need to extract to folder first.) I heard that Oppo cannot output properly high resolution audio embedded in mkv container.
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    How to play Blu-ray & 4k Disc

    Oppo 203/205 has just released a firmware upgrade, have anyone tried this ? I am concerned if it would disable UHD folder playing.
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    How to play Blu-ray & 4k Disc

    Really? I thought Oppo player cannot play BD iso/folder so I presume it cannot handle UHD folder as well. Hmm, I will give it a try somehow.