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Please Help Support the Site by Donating for Server Costs

Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by Onkyo4k, Sep 7, 2016.

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    Donate & help us stay alive!

    If you enjoy our site and find it useful, please consider donating to help us pay for our monthly server costs

    For your generous contributions, you will receive the following benefits: (I know it's not much, but it's the best I can do as of now to make it more beneficial for contributors.)

    [​IMG] Donator Rank.
    [​IMG] Get Rid of the Ads!!!
    [​IMG] Access to VIP/Donators Private Area.
    [​IMG] You can make requests in here: http://onkyo4k.com/forums/donors-vip-request-zone.9/
    [​IMG] You can see Hidden Content (You can see Uploaded - backup links)
    [​IMG] Providing Office 2016 and Windows 10 pro license for you.
    [​IMG] Providing Norton Security for you.

    Prices Vip rank in Onkyo4k: (don't have uploaded premium account)
    Donate $03 For 30 Days
    Donate $09 For 90 Days
    Donate $18 For 180 Days
    Donate $36 For 1 year
    Donate $72 For 2 years
    Donate >$100 For Lifetime

    In addition, we sell Uploaded premium with discount of 40%.
    Official price of Uploaded:

    If you buy Uploaded premium account from we, Then you'll have Vip rank in Onkyo4k.com
    Discounted price (-40%):
    1 month = $07
    3 months = $18
    6 months= $28
    1 year = $49
    2 years = $70

    Note (applies to all accounts):
    1, You will not only get discounted price but also donator rank.
    2, After transferring money to me, I will provide the Uploaded account for you to use.
    3, You can change password but you can't change email (This is because if there is a problem from our account we will provide a new account for you or If we are unable to do so you will be refunded money according to duration used/left).
    4, Waiting time: Premium account will be sent in 1-3 days (usually it is 24hrs under extreme circumstances it can take 72 hrs but be assured we will try as soon as possible)
    If it takes more than 3 days, you have the option to continue to wait or ask for a refund.

    So, for account and payment --> Please contact me at onkyo4k.com@gmail.com (It's not my paypal email) I'll let you know :)
    Thank you so much!​
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