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IMAX Edition

IMAX is a 70 mm film frame with an aspect ratio of 1.43:1, meaning that it's much taller (more square) than widescreen formats. If something was shot in IMAX, it would probably be cropped to make it fill the rectangular screen on an HD TV, or in the case of something like the IMAX version of Guardians of the Galaxy, most of the film was shown widescreen, but would open up to a full screen image for certain shots.

You can read more about it here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/IMAX
Also imax film has a LOT more details than any other medium. Once they calculated that imax film could deliver up to 16K resolution. UHD has at max 4K
Well, sure. That's because of the size of the frame. That's why they used to shoot reference plates for 35 mm film effects in VistaVision (or bigger, when bigger became available).