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  1. laserguy010
    laserguy010 XuanXit
    Joined, posted in multiple threads and still everything blocked. Please explain.
  2. energie8
    energie8 Onkyo4k
    Hi Xuan Xit,

    Please verify my membership so that I can view the private contents.

    Thank you in advance!
  3. panelguy
    panelguy XuanXit
    Hello XuanXit can you please verify my account. Please
  4. langberg
    langberg XuanXit
    Hello please can verify my account? Thanks
  5. LordSquad7
    LordSquad7 Onkyo4k
    Hello, trying to register thanks!
  6. bigred1901
    bigred1901 XuanXit
    G'Day mate I need verification please
  7. bigred1901
  8. greg77
    greg77 XuanXit
    Guess I need to be verified. does this work, or do we need to email?
  9. numerouno
  10. Sebato
    Sebato XuanXit
    Hi, I'm here to be verified, if you find the time. Thanks in advance.
  11. burgernerd
    burgernerd XuanXit
    Hello. New member here, looking for verification.. Thanks.
  12. leendert86
    leendert86 XuanXit
    Can you activate my account plz? thank you
  13. jonaand
    jonaand XuanXit
    "retro puppet master" and "curse of puppet master"
  14. mbrow72
    mbrow72 XuanXit
    Hey I'm new and I'm kindly asking for verification please :)
  15. Diodato
    Diodato XuanXit
    Kindly asking verification. Thanx